Our Story

Lolosbonnets started as an accident! I wanted to support another black owned business but they were sold out of the bonnet that I wanted so I decided to make my own! I ran to the fabric store, came home, brought out my Mom’s 30 pound sewing machine and that is how the first Lolo’s bonnet was born!

  • Vegan Satin

    Heavenly on your head and non harmful to animals.

  • Locks In Moisture

    Keeps moisture in with no worries of dryness.

  • Stops Split Ends

    Our bonnets becomes a protective layer against split ends.

what says our customers about us!

    Latitia R.

  • I have bought her scrunchies bonnets everything is such great quality. Freaking love it!

    Amanda K.

  • Saw her on tiktok and just knew i had to support a haitian women owned business.

    Justine D.


How do I wash my bonnet satin hair care products?

you can either wash your satin haircare products by hand or in the washing machine with cold. Water ton delicates. Then to dry your satinhaircare products, you can either air dry them or you can put them in the dryer and dry on delicates!

Can I order a custom bonnet?

Email to see if the customization you’re requesting is possible!

Do Bonnets benefit all haintypes?  Oily, curly, wavy I straight, etc?

yes! Bonnets and all satin haircare products especially quality products from lolo’s Bonnets, benefit all hair types!

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What do satin bonnets do for your hair?

Satin bonnets are the key to a perfect haircare routine! They protect your hair from matting, tangling, hair thinning and split ends. They also keep your hair moisturized! Satin bonnets save you money if you use them consistently! They do this by helping you use as much of your products as possible since your cotton sheets + clothes are not soaking up all your products and not having to spend as much money on hair repair products and appointments!

Did Lizzo support Lolo’s Bonnets?

Yes she did and she has worn Lolo’s Bonnets on TikTok multiple times!


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