Our story

Lolosbonnets started as an accident! I wanted to support another black owned business but they were sold out of the bonnet that I wanted so I decided to make my own! I ran to the fabric store, came home, brought out my Mom’s 30 pound sewing machine and that is how the first Lolo’s bonnet was born! My mom loved it so much she insisted on posting it on her Facebook and asked if I would make her one. I didn’t think much of it at the time but the next thing I know all of her friends and my family also want a bonnet! My mother encouraged me to start this business and I was skeptical at the beginning but I am so glad that I listen to her! On September 13, 2021, my birthday, I decided to re-launch Lolosbonnets as an official business! I am so grateful to have this community that I have built and will continue to build; I am also grateful for the success that my business has had and will have. Becoming a CEO of a company that helps people learn how to deal and love their hair is something that I wasn’t even aware how passionate about it I was until I was knee deep in quality satin bonnets.I hope my story can inspire others to take a chance and believe in themselves. With love and gratitude,

Lolo’s Bonnets xo

  • OUR Vision

    To help people utilize this tool to achieve the healthy hair of their dreams, no matter who they are. Since the CEO of this company is Haïtian, the goal is to eventually open up a production location in Haïti to provide jobs for her people. While also scaling the business to eventually be a business that is well known and respected for great customer service and quality products.


    As someone who struggled with hair health and hair growth, I want to help everyone have the hair of their dreams because everyone deserves healthy hair.


    Selling beautiful and quality products while heavily respecting black culture, as the bonnets we sell are derived from black culture and we want to give credit to that culture while also allowing Lolo’s Bonnets to be an inclusive brand that helps everyone, no matter the hair texture!

100% Vegan Satin

100% Real People

100% top quality

100% There For You & Your Hair